Engineered Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Dallas

Our Dallas crew can make life easier by installing or refinishing your engineered hardwood floors. With engineered hardwood flooring, there will be no more vacuuming or picking crumbs out of the carpet. Engineered hardwood flooring is lasting, requires little to no upkeep, and is the perfect solution for a bustling household. Because an engineered hardwood flooring is made from real wood, it can be refinished several times to keep it looking clean and elegant. Unlike traditional hardwood floors, engineered flooring is layered to create a stable moisture barrier. Rather than relying on a single piece of wood, your Dallas engineered hardwood flooring is secured with multiple layers of plywood glued together beneath a finished top layer. Because we lay the lower plywood crossways to the top finish layer, your wood will never bow or bend—and it can be laid directly onto concrete.


Moisture-Proof Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for a solution to cold tile floors in your bathrooms? Does the hardwood flooring in your kitchen crack and bubble from water damage? Look no further than our moisture-proof engineered hardwood flooring in Dallas. They act as a solution for bathrooms with steamy showers or busy kitchens because the plywood layer underneath creates a moisture seal. The best places to install your engineered hardwood floor don’t flood on a regular basis and contain only light moisture. These rooms might include a kitchen, basement, or bathroom that isn’t prone to spills or leaks. Floods can seep into the plywood and damage the moisture seal. For this reason, a children’s bathroom or a kitchen with an old dishwasher may not be the best choices for an engineered hardwood floor.


Pre-Finished Engineered Wood Flooring

Because we pre-finish your engineered hardwood floor in Dallas, you can walk on it and use it immediately after installation. But when you purchase unfinished solid hardwood, you may have to wait several hours or days for it to seal. If you want an unfinished look without the wait time, an engineered hardwood floor is your best choice.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Options

Opting for an engineered hardwood floor in Dallas doesn’t limit your options. You can choose from just as many grains as traditional hardwood flooring. Some of our more popular selections include rich, hand-scraped hickory for a timeless feeling; affordable, classic oak for an old-world feel; greenish-yellow, ultra-stable bamboo for the modern home; and elegant, traditional maple for a fancy dining room. Whatever your ultimate design plan, we’ve got the hardwood floor grain that best suits your tastes.


We Refinish Engineered and Hardwood Floors

Though laminate flooring might seem like the more affordable option up front, engineered hardwood can be the best long term investment for your home. While laminate flooring can’t be repaired after years of dings and scratches, engineered and hardwood floors almost always get a second (and even third!) chance. We offer engineered hardwood floor refinishing in Dallas with the most up-to-date in floor refinishing technology, thanks to the BonaKemi Dust Containment System. Rely on Dallas Wood Floors for all your hardwood floor refinishing services in Dallas—don’t risk potential damage to your floors by doing it yourself. We’ve got a team of professionals to get the job done.


Value of Engineered Flooring

While laminate flooring costs less initially, it will need quicker replacement and holds less value than our custom-designed engineered hardwood flooring in Dallas. Because we can erase scratches and revive the wood grain with professional refinishing, your floor is worth more and saves you more in the long run.

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