Get A Classic Look That Can Withstand Your Lifestyle

Though Dallas Wood Floors specializes in premium wood flooring, we understand that it’s not always the best choice for busy families. Active kids and their parade of cleats, roller skates, hockey sticks, and toys can mean the end of gleaming, polished hardwood in a matter of days. And we won’t even mention the dog! Torn finish, dried grains, and waterlogged boards can quickly turn your hard-earned investment into an eyesore.

Perhaps you’ve considered stone floors as an alternative, but eventually shied away from cold feet and unforgiving firmness.

Laminate wood flooring in Dallas is the solution for an active home. With quick, easy installation and low maintenance cleaning, it’s the most popular choice for families with small children and pets. Dallas Wood Floors offers hundreds of designs and colors that fit your budget and preference.
Our laminate wood flooring options in Dallas include premium, realistic styles with real beveled edges and distinct textures that can fool guests into believing you have the real thing! If you choose a ceramic style, it will include an authentic-looking low gloss grout line to mimic the look of actual ceramic—without the cold stone!

Additionally, our Dallas laminate wood flooring often carry warranties that cover wear, fade and stain so you never have to worry about an expensive replacement. Your family can continue to wreak havoc on the floor without causing any lasting damage.

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