Why Solid Lumber?

In days gone by, hardwood flooring was the standard from cabin to castle. Even today as people buy older homes to renovate, the old hardwoods still live beneath tattered carpet after decades of wear. The qualities of hardwood flooring have remained the same while the manufacturing and installing have improved considerably. There is a look to solid lumber floors that veneers and man-made products lack. Each board has its own grain pattern…different from every other hardwood in existence. Under any light source, solid floors have richness and a deep natural beauty that adds to the comfort of living. And such a floor provides the only truly universal background for any decorating scheme. The beauty of solid wood is matched only by the creature comforts it affords, such as insulation value (it’s warm underfoot) and strength.

Wood Floor Refinishing Services

Hardwood floors add beauty and value to your home, and refinishing is the best way to enhance and preserve that beauty. Traditional hardwood floor sanding is typically an extremely dusty process - a dust-storm in your home, lingering dust in your air-ducts, and a cleanup headache that feels like it will never end. The Atomic® Dust Containment System from BonaKemi uses a powerful vacuum engine that evacuates the airborne dust generated from the sanding process, and collects it outside of your home.
Now you can have the beautiful hardwood floors you’ve always wanted without the lingering mess of other refinishing processes. Call Dallas Wood Floors for a no obligation quote and ask about our BonaKemi waterborne finishes for a durable finish and no toxic fumes.